Keep your air compressor working in the hot weather

Air compressors do not really like hot weather. As the summer temperature rises your compressor can start to complain or in the worst case can stop working.

Follow these simple steps to keep your compressor in tip top condition, so it continues to work no matter how hot it gets! 

- Keep the lubrication oil topped up
- Make sure the compressor is well ventilated so it can easily get plenty of cooling air
- Make sure you drain the condensate regularly

- If you have a piston machine make sure it isn't running flat out all day

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5 simply daily checks to keep your air compressor in tip top condition

A few simple daily checks will keep your air compressor running smoothly and reliably. Spend 5 minutes a day checking over your air compressor and you will spot any issues before your compressor comes to a grinding halt leading to a whole lot more trouble.

Do these 5 simple checks everyday.

- Check the oil level regularly and keep the compressor oil topped up.
- Drain condensate from the receiver and filters regularly
- Ensure your compressor is in a well ventilated place and air is free to circulate around the compressor
- Check the belts (if fitted) are tight and not worn
- Check the guards, panels and grilles are undamaged and located correctly

The last and easiest check to do, at any time, is to check that the compressor isn't leaking oil or water on the floor and isn't making unusual noises.