Fundamental to all compressed air systems is getting clean, dry and cool air to the point of use. Filter elements are key to achieve this objective. Filter elements are available for a wide range of flow rates and filtration standards. Different filters are available to filter out specific contaminants. Typical contaminants include particulates, water droplets and moisture as well as lubricant mist. In our opinion all compressed air systems should be fitted with line filters to protect downstream equipment including dryers as well as production equipment.

Filter elements are housed within robust filter housings. Typically you will already have filter housings in you compressed air system. These elements are designed to fit perfectly into these filter housings to optimise filtration whilst minimising pressure drop. Using incorrectly sized or poor quality filter elements will result in poor filtration, allowing contaminated air to reach point of use, or excessive pressure drops adding to the energy consumption required to make the compressed air.     

We suggest you always use genuine filter elements from the same manufacturer as made the filter housing to ensure optimum performance.